Redesigning Social Housing against Poverty in Europe

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Special issue on Social Housing after the Global Financial Crisis: New Trends across Europe

The special issue Social Housing after the Global Financial Crisis: New Trends across Europe has been published on Critical Housing Analysis. Edited by Teresio Poggio and Christine Whitehead, and co-edited by József Hegedüs, Martin Lux and Kathleen Scanlon, it provides critical analysis of social housing policies and their most recent development across fourteen European countries together with an overview of longer term trends. It offers a unique source of information on recent changes in social housing in number of European countries that aims to contribute to our understanding of social housing in two directions: (a) investigating countries that are less represented in the international literature; (b) updating previous findings and monitoring the effects of the global financial crisis (GFC).
The special issue is a joint initiative of the journal and of the RESHAPE project.

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  • Teresio Poggio, Christine Whitehead: Social Housing in Europe: Legacies, New Trends and the Crisis
  • Christine Whitehead: Social Housing Models: Past and Future
  • Kathleen Scanlon: Social Housing in England: Affordable vs "Affordable"
  • Joris Hoekstra: Reregulation and Residualization in Dutch Social Housing: A Critical Evaluation of New Policies
  • Pascal De Decker, Jana Verstraete, Isabelle Pannecoucke: Crisis? What Crisis? Social Renting in Flanders (Belgium) beyond the Financial Crisis
  • Hans Christian Sandlie, Lars Gulbrandsen: The Social Homeownership Model – the Case of Norway
  • Stefan Kofner: Social Housing in Germany: An Inevitably Shrinking Sector?
  • Marie Glaser: The Situation of Social Housing in Switzerland
  • Martin Lux, Petr Sunega: Social Housing in the Czech Republic: Change of Trend?
  • József Hegedüs: Social Housing in Post-crisis Hungary: A Reshaping of the Housing Regime under "Unorthodox" Economic and Social Policy
  • Andreja Cirman: "Just "Another" or A "Genuine" Change in Slovenian Social Housing Strategy?
  • Teresio Poggio, Dmitri Boreiko: Social Housing in Italy: Old Problems, Older Vices and Some New Virtues?
  • Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway, Teresa Sánchez-Martínez: More Social Housing? A Critical Analysis on Social Housing Provision in Spain
  • Teresa Costa Pinto: Moving to a New Housing Pattern? New Trends in Housing Supply and Demand in Times of Changing. The Portuguese Case
  • Rikke Skovgaard Nielsen, Christian Deichmann Haagerup: The Danish Social Housing Sector: Recent Changes and Future Challenges
  • Hans Lind: The Swedish Housing Market from a Low Income Perspective

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